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If you are experiencing a door frame separation issue, the team at Door Innovation can help! We specialize in metal frames, and have a great solution for fixing corroded or damaged metal frames without the full cost of replacement. Learn more about our energy saving kits below, and feel free to get in touch if we can help you find the right match for your needs.

Saving Energy

Saving energy through proper maintenance of a door system is not a new idea. Retaining heat in cold weather or air conditioning in hot weather is always a priority for customers concerned about minimizing operating costs.

Energy Loss

While a door not properly closed is an obvious cause of energy loss, there are less noticeable causes, such as frames with rust and corrosion. This type of damage allows heat and/or air conditioning to escape, and can also lead to other issues as well.

Multiple Issues

Consider a steel door frame that has rusted to the point that daylight is clearly visible through the corroded area. In some instances the corrosion is so severe, it may contribute to the inability of the door to close properly. So not only is there energy loss through the rusted frame but through the door which will not close completely. The same situation can take place with an aluminum door frame.

Employee Productivity

In both cases where a steel or aluminum frame corrodes to the point of allowed energy loss, it may impact employee productivity if employees are working near these "leaking" openings. These openings may allow water to enter the facility, creating a possible slip hazard. Door systems should be properly maintained at all times to prevent energy loss, insure employee comfort and productivity, and prevent the possibility of injury.

Jamb Patch Solution

The Jamb Patch is used to repair steel door frames that have rusted or corroded to the point of allowed energy loss for either heating or air conditioning. While the cost of frame replacement can easily run into hundreds of dollars per opening, with the Jamb Patch, you can perform this cost effective repair on your own.

Jamb Anchor Solution

With the Jamb Anchor repair kit, you can self-repair the aluminum door system, in the process avoiding the cost of a full frame replacement while reducing the energy loss through the defective portion of the frame. Repairing the frame with a Jamb Anchor will also extend the life of the door system by many years.

Metal Frame Separation Repair

The Jamb Patch is used to re-attach steel door frames that have separated from their attachment points. The cost of frame replacement runs into hundreds of dollars per opening. With the kit, you can self-repair the door frame, saving money and extending the functional life of the door system.

Aluminum Frame Separation Repair

The Jamb Anchor is used to re-attach aluminum door frames that have separated from the floor or adjacent walls. Replacing a frame can cost thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars per opening. With the kit, you can self-repair the door system, avoiding the cost of full frame replacement, while extending the useful life of the door system by many years.

Door Frame Separation

Door frames are attached to adjacent surfaces to provide structural rigidity to the door system. Depending on the door system chosen, the door frame may be attached to the floor and walls of its respective opening.

Door systems are subject to various events that can weaken the integrity of the door system over its lifetime, including corrosion from environmental factors, and damage from repeated impact. In the case of both of these factors, it is possible for the door frame to become detached from the surrounding surfaces.

Corrosion is another culprit that can lead to a detached door frame. The corrosion will initially weaken the area near the frame attachment points, and in severe cases, so badly corrode the frame that the original frame material is no longer present. If the missing material was at a frame attachment point, the fact that material is physically no longer there, means the frame is no longer attached to anything.

Repeated impact from carts or pallets may also damage a frame enough to cause it to break away from its attachment points. It is possible to hit a door frame hard enough that one impact can break it loose from the anchoring fasteners used to install the frame.
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