Rusted Hinge Pocket Repair

Rusted Hinge Pocket Repair

Get a rusted hinge pocket repair kit from the team at Door Innovation and fix the problem yourself! We empower our customers to tackle repairs and help them save money. You don't always have to replace an entire door. Sometimes a repair is the fix you need!

Corrosion Repair

Steel door frames are subject to corrosion from moisture and chemicals found in the environments in which they reside. This corrosion is most often found at the lower ends of the frame. The corroded section of the frame usually extends up from the ground a few inches, and our Jamb Patch repair kit can be used to repair this section of the frame.

About The Hinge Pocket

At times, the usual corrosion extends farther up the frame, sometimes reaching above the first hinge location (pocket). Until now, that meant complete frame replacement because a repair product did not exist for this condition.

Hinge Pocket Repair

Door Innovation now offers an extended Jamb Patch, with a new hinge pocket built in. This product allows the installer to cut out the corroded portion of the door frame and install a new section of frame - with a new hinge pocket.* Instead of replacing the entire door frame, a labor intensive and expensive project, only the corroded portion of the door frame need be replaced.

Strike Side Repair Kit

Door Innovation also offers an extended Jamb Patch kit without a hinge pocket for use on the strike side of the door opening. It is 30" long and can be used on either side of the door, as it is a non-handed part. It can also be cut down if the full 30" length is not required.

Ordering Information

If you are interested in our extended Jamb Patch for the strike side of the frame or the extended Jamb Patch with a hinge pocket, please contact us directly so we can help you match the correct part to your frame.  Click below to place your order.
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Hinge Pockets and Different Manufacturers

*Note: As different United States manufacturer's locate their hinge pockets at different places along the frame, it may be necessary to consult with one of our product experts when ordering this product. Please call the number below for information.
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