Repair Vs. Replacement

Door Frame Replacement vs. Repair

Let the experts at Door Innovation help you decide if you need door frame replacement or repair work. Not every damaged frame needs to be taken out. Some can be fixed - with the proper tools. When it comes to commercial metal door frames, the option for metal frame repair has been virtually nonexistent, but we have patented an amazing solution that works, and we'd love to share it with you! Learn more below, and get in touch with any questions you have for us.
Door Innovation offers a line of do-it-yourself repair products for steel and aluminum door frames.  When you use our product, you can save yourself or your customer money and time vs. the traditional approach of full frame or door system replacement.
It's a great solution!

Steel Door Frames

Steel door frames are often found in the following places:
  • Schools & Universities
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Condos & Apartments
  • Professional Office Buildings
We have products that can assist you with repairing corroded or damaged frames.

Aluminum Door Frames

Aluminum door frames are common, and found in many of the following settings:

    Retail Store Fronts
    Hospital Entrances
    Hotel & Motel Entries
    Professional Office Building Entries
    Convention Center Entries

Our products can help with repairing problems where the base of the frame on this type of doors has broken away from the floor due to corrosion or damage.

Steel Door Frame Issues

Steel door frames corrode from the inside out. This is a result of moisture trapped between the wall and the frame. Therefore, if your frame looks like the one pictured here, you can be sure the corrosion is not simply “surface rust” that can be wire brushed and painted. Once the frame structural-integrity is compromised by corrosion or damage from impact, the usual fix is to contact a commercial door repair company to replace the frame system. This is an expensive undertaking. Aftermarket repair parts for the rusted or damaged portions of the frame have not been available - until now.

Aluminum Door Frame Issues

The photo here shows an aluminum frame that has corroded, exposing the frame to additional risks, including rodents and damage to any wiring that may be concealed in the door frame. Once an aluminum door frame has corroded, you are usually faced with replacing the entire door system. This can cost thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars per opening, depending on the door. But we can offer you another choice.

Steel Door Solutions

The solution, pictured here, is a Jamb Patch from Door Innovation.

Our Jamb Patch is used to repair steel door frames that have rusted or corroded. Steel door frame corrosion is a common condition, and the cost of frame replacement runs over $1,000 per opening. Our Jamb Patch kit allows you to repair the steel frame system yourself, saving money while extending the life of your door opening.

Aluminum Door Solutions

Door Innovation's Jamb Anchor, shown installed in the photo here, is used to repair aluminum door frames that have lost integrity through corrosive attack or repeated impacts to the frame. 
With the Jamb Anchor kit, you can repair the frame system yourself, saving on costs and extending the life of the door. It's a smart solution.

Order today!

If you'd like to order one of the do-it-yourself options we have outlined above, please contact us with the details. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about our unique product. Click button below to order.
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Replace vs. Repair

Why take on the costs of replacing a metal door frame when you can repair it? Order your kit and save on costs!
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