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Get help for your loose door frame anchor issue with Door Innovation's smart solutions. Doors and frames are subject to conditions that degrade the life of the total system. In some cases, the system degrades from corrosion, in others the system degrades from repetitive impacts with the people and materials passing through the openings. Regardless of the cause, eventually the door frame becomes loose at its attachment points. We can help you address this issue.

Loose Doors - Causes

Corrosion is a common culprit that leads to loose door frames. The corrosion simply deteriorates the frame to the point where it is no longer structurally sound and it becomes too weak to maintain solid contact with its anchor points.

Repeated impact from people and carts or pallets will certainly loosen the frame. In fact, it is possible to hit a door frame hard enough that just one impact can jar a frame loose.

Purpose of a Door Frame

Door frames are secured to the openings they sit in to provide sufficient structural rigidity for the door system to operate properly. Depending on the door system being utilized, the frame may be attached to the floor, walls, floor & walls, and so on of its respective opening.

Re-securing a Loose Frame

Door Innovation has two products that you can use to secure a loose door frame, a Jamb Anchor repair kit, and a Jamb Patch repair kit. Depending on your issue, either of these do-it-yourself products could be useful, and save you money.

Anchor Repair

The Jamb Anchor repair kit is used to re-secure aluminum door frames that have become excessively loose. While replacing a frame can cost thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars per opening, this kit provides you with the ability to self-repair the door system. In doing so, you'll save money and extend the life of your door.

Jamb Patch

The Jamb Patch repair Kit is used to re-secure steel door frames that have become loose. The cost of frame replacement can easily run into hundreds of dollars per opening. With the kit, you can self-repair the door system, saving money while extending the useful life of the door.
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